Effective & Safe Pet Surgery in Dothan

At Care Animal Center, our extensive team of skilled veterinarians is committed to treating your pets like family when in our reliable care. We provide a broad range of surgical procedures, helping your precious animal companions have a bright future of happiness, health, and functionality ahead of them. Our efficient and compassionate team is backed by advanced technology and years of experience as we provide pet surgeries guided by our pursuit for the wellness of all animals.

We take great pride in helping those who cannot help themselves. Our practice features a team of five veterinarians, which allows us to be available for more hours and provide a broader range of effective pet surgeries. We can perform procedures that cover many different functions and aspects of your pet's body, and we can extend our services to cats, dogs, birds, and even exotic pets. If you have a sick, injured, or ailing pet, don't hesitate to contact our office and learn more about our surgical options!

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Our Veterinary Surgical Services

We provide reliable procedures that involve the internal organs, skin, bones, mass removal, reproductive health, and much more. Our skilled team will work hard to help your pet enjoy a great quality of life free from the constraints of pain, discomfort, and developing conditions.

Some of our efficient surgical procedures include, but are not limited to:

Our Thorough Preliminary Process

We are a compassionate veterinary team that understands getting to the root of your pet's issue should be done swiftly and with care. Before offering our surgical options, a comprehensive wellness exam is an important step in the surgical process. We will check your pet from head to tail, which helps us determine which procedure is the right choice for their needs. Our physical exams and detailed blood tests will help ensure your pet is healthy enough to undergo anesthesia and successful surgery.

Once we've concluded that your pet is ready to move forward with our efficient services, we will begin the surgical process. Our practice is equipped with advanced diagnostic tools, and we use meticulous techniques to gain intel about your pet's internal and external health conditions. We utilize ultrasound technology and digital x-rays to understand your pet's issue before providing the appropriate procedure. Our honest and caring veterinarians will only recommend pet surgeries that are absolutely necessary for the continued health and quality of life of your precious animal family member.

Pet Surgery FAQ

We are caring pet owners, just like you, and we understand that the idea of surgery can be stressful. Rest assured, our friendly and trusted team is ready to address any questions and concerns you have about our process. Some questions we frequently get asked regarding pet surgery include:

Can you perform a biopsy on removed lumps and tumors?

We can surgically remove skin tumors and other masses before sending them to a trusted lab for a biopsy if requested. If the tumor is determined to be benign, no additional surgery will be necessary.

A clean and healthy oral condition can help prevent the possibility of gum infection and disease, which often leads to other more serious health issues if left untreated. We can provide thorough teeth cleaning services to help eradicate plaque and tartar buildup on your pet's teeth.  If your pet suffers from a problem tooth, we can perform careful extractions, helping to relieve their discomfort.

We ask that you do not feed your pet the morning before surgery, as it helps to reduce the chances of regurgitation before or after anesthesia and allows us to receive clearer images from an ultrasound examination.

Trusted Pet Surgery in Dothan

At Care Animal Center, we are a skilled and compassionate team backed by advanced technical resources. We are devoted to treating your precious animal companions with the effective and accurate pet surgeries they deserve. Whether they require routine or more involved surgical procedures, we will treat your furry or feathered friends with loving care and accuracy. Our knowledgeable veterinarians will never leave you in the dark regarding our process, the materials we use, and aftercare tips to optimize their recovery period.

Let our seasoned veterinary team provide effective pet surgeries in Dothan. We will communicate all the information necessary so you can make confident and informed decisions about your pet's health and well-being. Our caring team is always prepared to welcome you and your pets into our office so we can help them continue living a long, happy life by your side. Contact us today to find out more about our pet surgeries!

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